Story of the Month​

Every month we select an important topic that is featured as the main story of the month. The stories are written by guest writers, scientists, world travellers or Freyzein team members.

We want to turn the spotlight on our planet and environmental topics as well as how we could all help to change the fashion industry to be more sustainable.

“2 Minuten – 2 Millionen” starring Freyzein!

We are happy to announce our very first public television appearance at “2 Minuten – 2 Millionen” on 5 October. In April 2020, we were approached by the production company of Puls4 and invited to apply to their show. As starring in such a renowed show can come along with great feedback and media attention, we thought to ourselves “Let’s go for it”!

About the toxic chemicals in your clothes

As a consumer everybody should be aware of the chemicals used all along the production line of conventional clothing. Even in the growing phase of non organic cotton harmful chemicals from spraying herbicides and pesticides get into the fiber.

Let’s go radically natural!

We believe in regenerative business. Our decision is to go radically natural. Creating clothes and innovating to leave no trace in nature – because it can be reused and in the end is compostable building nutrients for the earth! 

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