Durable & Biodegradable Outerwear.
Sustainability in every detail.

No Plastics,
No Synthetics.

Clover Jacket Beige.
100% Recycled Wool.
Wooden Buttons.

199,90 EUR

Earth To

Clover Jacket Grey.
100% Recycled Wool.
Wooden Buttons.

199,90 EUR


Clover Jacket 199,90 EUR
Longsleeve 59,90 EUR
Beanie 34,90 EUR
T-Shirt 49,90 EUR

New Collection

Urban X

Clover Jacket Grey.
100% Recycled Wool.
Wooden Buttons.

199,90 EUR

In the Elements
Of Nature.


299,00 EUR

About Freyzein

High quality clothing

Our focus is sustainable, high quality outerwear. We produce pieces made out of only natural materials that can either biodegrade, be recycled or reused again. Our collection is timeless, casual and long lasting as nature is our source of inspiration. One of our main goals is to slow down the fashion cycle.

For a sustainable future

Freyzein reflects the balance between humans and the environment. Our products are meant for people who want to spend time outside and experience nature without harming it. We do not see the need to use plastic or any chemicals in clothes.

All of our garmets are designed in Austria and produced in Europe under fair and resource-saving labor conditions.

natural biodegradable jacket outerwear fashion sustainable bicircular environmental circular clothing made in europe


Our BiCircular™ materials are radically natural. They can be reused or they will decompose. We believe in restoring the balance by giving back to nature.