in every detail.

All our components and trims are either biodegradable or recyclable AND biodegradable. We try not to use any kind of synthetic or plastic that could harm us or our environment. We design our products for material cyclability and sustainability in every detail. The main fabric is biodegradable which means under the right conditions it will break down to its basic components and return to its initial beginning – earth. The buttons can be recycled and used for further products.

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Designed in Austria,
made in Europe

We are developing our very own materials, designs and technologies in the heart of Europe in Graz, Austria. We are cooperating with a Bosnian manufacturer in Mali Brijeznica. They produce clothing under fair labour conditions combined with modern ecological technologies.

Origins of product

We try to source our materials within Europe to be as sustainable as possible! Honestly, it‘s easier said than done. Even if you buy from a European company you need to clarify where they get their materials from. That is a lot of work for a small team. Our zippers come from Italy, our fabric is woven in Switzerland, and our Natural Outerwear is made in Bosnia and Portugal.

Short production cycle

With a small production cycle and short transportation ways we save a lot of water and resources. We try to buy and produce locally and send our products directly to the customer. True sustainability lies in the details.

Every component

Our first collection relies on Ventile®-EtaProof technology. A fabric inspired by nature. A densely woven fabric out of organically grown long-staple cotton. A warm, windproof, and breathable fabric. A fluorocarbon-free special treatment gives EtaProof water-repellent properties. FreyZein almost exclusively uses biologically based, sustainable and biodegradable materials for the manufacture of our garments.

Sometimes there are no options on the market. In this case, our team discusses different options. We try to use the very best alternatives which are carefully chosen. For example long-lasting stainless-steel buttons which can be recycled again & again. We use biodegradable zippers for our jackets (except for a small metal clip made from steel in the slider). The material used is biodegradable nylon called Amni Soul Eco. When deposited, all nylon components degrade after 3 years. Instead of synthetic sewing yarns, we use natural yarns. Our cords are made of natural rubber coated with organic cotton. The stoppers again – stainless steel! We believe in sustainability and the future of fashion!

natural biodegradable jacket outerwear fashion sustainable bicircular environmental circular clothing material components fabric buttons thread zippers
natural biodegradable jacket outerwear fashion sustainable clothing ocean plastic environment pollution harm skin health organic clothes clothing naturewear cotton


Bi-circular means that all parts used in the process of creating a product are biodegradable or recyclable. There are two cycles. The technical cycle mostly concerns non-biodegradable materials. Those materials are to be kept in the economy through reuse or recycling. The biological cycle only applies to organic materials. Organic materials can biodegrade or compost, therefore they are returning to the biosphere. Circular products are designed and produced to be able to circulate in an economy for as long as possible.

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We made it our goal to develop new completely natural and durable fibers. Good natural fibers are of higher quality. They are long-lasting and extremely good for our health and our environment. We are working hand in hand with nature.

FreyZein is working together with several Austrian and European partners on a fabric made for outdoor use. We aim on low climate impact fibres to make our clothes ready for the future! We found a method to increase the performance of natural based fibres. Currently we are working on the patent for this technology. So watch out – we will keep you updated!

Preorder System

When a certain amount of the items are preordered, they go into production. Your way of ordering doesn‘t change. But the product will only go into production after the preorder goal or date is reached. You will be charged when ordering and will be informed via email when the shipment is dispatched. With this system we can guarantee that there is no waste of resources. 

Usually takes 1-2 months until the products are delivered.

sustainable preorder system natural fashion clothes freyzein jackets

By using our preorder system you actively prevent overproduction and a waste of resources.