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From Green Agriculture to High-Tech Garment

With the INTransit project we aim for creating a bio-based insulating garment applicable for thermal insulating performance clothing.

Aligning with our longterm audacious goal of developing a monomaterial multilayer fabric with hydrophobic capabilities, the INTransit program resembles a further step towards our mission. We join forces with IROONY®, a material from RBX that is derived from sustainable hemp stalks and flax straws that are not competing with the food industry. 

With this project, we want to create a closed-loop, biodegradable garment ideally from hemp and flax resides that we can use for our thermal insulating prototypes. The projects is a consequent puzzle piece in a logical chain to go from sustainably sourced feedstock, create biodegradable garment to a thermal insulating material than can be used in applications like the ones we do in an adjacent project with the European Space Agency

The current technologies used by us and our partners is considered to be at TRL 6 “technology demonstrate in relevant environment” level. 

The desired goal of the project is to finish with a prototype that will be demonstrated at TRL7, “prototype demonstration in simulated operational conditions”.

INTransit is funded by the European Union.