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Is a Multilayer Technology Made from 100 % Cellulose Possible?

We know that one has to aim very high to make a real difference in the market. So we set out to reach a real audacious goal: Create a multilayer technology for clothing that is solely made from cellulosic garments.

Diving deeper into the world of performance garments, we got ever more excited about the need for a radically new performance fabric. A fabric that is natural, recyclable and that is combining performance attributes of traditional, petrochemical based performance fabrics: it needs to be breathable, waterproof and thermal insulating.

Based on our previous projects and the lessons learnt from them, we pitched this wild idea of a radically natural multilayer technology to AWS, Austria’s promotional bank of the federal government. We were one of only 27 companies in Austria to win funding from the coveted AWS Seed Deep Tech Fund

This enabled us to start working on a ground-breaking, patentable technology that significantly improves on conventional materials. The fabric is designed to be completely free of PFCs or petrochemicals

This natural material has the potential to not only compete with petrochemical products, but even surpass them. 

In the course of our multilayer ambitions, Freyzein is also developing an innovative method of bonding two cellulose layers without the use of harmful chemicals. This technology could revolutionize the textile industry by replacing harmful adhesives in laminates hence facilitating the recycling and repair of multilayer fabrics.