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Business Model Development Reveals Need for Thermal Insulation

The Start!Klar Plus program marked a consequent next step in our strategic development of the business as well as our technological IP

This project, funded by the economic development agency of the Austrian province of Styria, focused on the development of FreyZein’s business model. In the course of a year, the findings from previous projects were compiled and further elaborating towards a sustainable business plan that was grounded on further technological and market research.  

By participating in this project and learning more about the textile industry’s ecosystem, business mechanics and interdependencies we prepared ourselves economically, legally, and technologically for the next growth step of the company. In addition to focussing on a petrochemical free 3-layer fabric similar to Gore-Tex but from a monomaterial – cellulose, we discovered a component that was missing in the market for outdoor wear – a multilayer solution that was not only monomaterial but in particular included a thermal insulation layer. 

Here we also started working together with Dr Enrico Cozzoni, a specialist in material research with a long track record. As a side-success of the project, Enrico got convinced of FreyZein’s potential and he joined the team building the foundation of our in-house research and IP department.