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What is BiCircular?

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What is bicircular? – In this small article we try to explain why it is so important to change a linear economy into a bicircular economy. 

Why linear economy is a problem

The impact of waste going to landfill is huge. Firstly, valuable materials are being buried. This is not only wasteful but can also have even more negative effects on nature like gas emissions from rotting organic waste. Secondly, it means that we have to extract more of those raw materials from the earth. Therefore we will use more energy and water to make new materials and products. Thirdly, it promotes a culture of consumption where the value of materials after use is almost none. (see

From a linear economy

The fashion industry needs to move away from a linear economy. In a linear economy we mine raw materials. Then we process them into a product that we throw away after use.

To a bicircular economy

In a bicircular economy we are trying to close the loop of all the raw materials in the production cycle.

For us it is important to live up to the principle of a bicircular economy. The idea is to avoid the waste of valuable resources and focus on the bicircular concept. Our design approach includes being part of the technical and biological cycle. That means that all parts we use in the process of creating a product are biodegradable or recyclable.

For our products we only use natural fabrics which can be recycled to become new fabrics again. On the other hand, if recycling is not an option anymore, the materials are compostable. As a result they are building valuable nutrients for the soil.

We have high demands

Because there are no appropriate options on the market we started to develop our very own BiCircular Performance Fabric. We are looking forward to realize our vision by working together with well known universities as well as research institutes all over Europe.