We create solutions for people who love to enjoy time outdoors and also demand performance from their outerwear. We don´t have to wear clothes made of plastic a – non-renewable resource.

Let’s give super-powers to radically natural fabrics!

We develop the first intrinsically hydrophobic cellulosic fabric by closing the loop with our Bi-Circular™ approach.

We developed two key principles that we follow for all of our materials.


Our raw materials for our fabrics come from the earth. They are always radically natural. At end-of-life, they can go back to earth building nutrients for the soil.



Our radically natural fabrics can beborn and re-born again. In a closed-loop system, our fabrics can be fabrics again and again. In the end, they are compostable building nutrients for the earth.

Freyzein - Materials

Our first development is a technical textile using our BI-CIRCULAR™ approach.

Freyzein is working together with several Austrian and European partners on a fabric made for outdoor use. Our patent-pending radically natural fabric has superpowers in terms of water-repellency and breathability.

Freyzein - Materials

Less Water Usage

Reduced GHG

Freyzein - Materials - Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Feyzein - Virgin Secondary Raw Materials

Virgin & Secondary Raw Materials

Freyzein - Materials
Freyzein - Materials


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