Freyzein has developed a unique, 100% cellulose-based technical fabric that is waterproof, breathable, water-repellent,
and durable.

The first-of-kind, patent-pending technology is a radical improvement on current materials.

Freyzein is working together with several Austrian and European universities, government institutions and other partners to create a plastic-free fabric made for outdoor use. Our patent-pending natural material has the potential to not only compete with petrochemical based products, but to outperform them.

Freyzein - Materials

Less Water Usage

Reduced GHG

Freyzein - Materials - Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Feyzein - Virgin Secondary Raw Materials

Natural Materials

Freyzein - Materials

Additionally, Freyzein has developed a novel form of cellulose welding which can adhere two cellulosic materials together without the use of an adhesive, thus removing the need for harmful chemicals.


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