Clover Shirt Grey

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The Freyzein Clover shirt is made from a medium weight, pure wool fabric. It is charactererized by its firm and warm material. The shirt can be worn as a jacket, but also as a warming element under a third layer. Besides the loose, boxy cut, it has a straight hem and two buttoned chest pockets.

  • 100% Recycled Wool
  • loose, boxy fit
  • Unisex
  • front closure with buttons
  • two chest pockets with flap and button closure
  • two welt pockets
  • square label
  • Wooden buttons


Recycled Wool

Our recycled wool is recycycled, recyclable and biodegradable, the greatest example of a winning circular economy.

Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Compared to an equvivalent fabric made withgeneric wool, this fabric impacts:

  • -76,6% Global Warming [kg Co2-eq]
  • -83% Use of net fresh water [m3]
  • -81,2% Use of renewable primary energy resources [MJ]
  • -81,4% Acidification [kg SO2-eq]


Certified by ICEA

Sustainable Fabric Making:

Our fabric is fully recyclable

Dyes free
Our colors are achieved by mixing different fibres and shades with no dyes and chemicals.

Our fabric is produced by more than 50 artisans within10 miles in the region of Prato / Italy.

We recover and recycle all scraps.

Biodegrabable / No Chemicals
Our earth-to-earth approach.

0% Microplastics
No Microplastics – Radically Natural

Size chart
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Be the revolution

Organic materials

We only use natural, recyclable and biogradable high quality materials.

Ethical production

Designed in Austria, ethically produced in Europe under fair labour conditions.

Sustainable preorder

With our sustainable preorder system we can produce the exact amount of products without wasting resources.